Digital Decoupling through API Management

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October 5, 2017

Over the years, Organisation has grown its business both organically and through several key acquisitions. These acquisitions have created a maze of IT systems and inevitably lead to multiple sources of truth within its core enterprise applications.

The process of rationalization and consolidation of systems it a herculean undertaking with significant risk exposure. Policies written and administered within the current systems is complex and in several cases written with extensive customizations. Other issues that arise are data integrity, timely exchange of information across core systems and no ability to get a unified view of their customer base without extensive engineering.

At 360 Technology we create omni-channel connected digital experiences for customers:

As enterprises revamp their digital experiences, many are realizing that the optimal consumer experience is unified across interaction channels (i.e., mobile, web, kiosk, etc.). For this unified, omni-channel experience to materialize, APIs must be versioned and consumed quickly by application developers. Doing this requires an integrated platform that allows the rapid versioning of APIs, with a tightly integrated developer portal to allow developers to rapidly find, test, and understand APIs.

Participating and competing in the digital economy requires developing applications quickly, at the pace the market demands - no organization wants to miss an opportunity. Being the “first-mover” is a critical and in many cases appears to be an insurmountable advantage when launching a digital-platform-business where it’s critical to achieve critical mass of value producers and value consumers (consider Uber, Airbnb, and LinkedIn). Hence Speed may be the single most important KPI when going digital. In addition to shortening the development cycle, an “API-first” architecture enables product model, Agile and DevOps principles which frees your application developers to work fast, utilizing “agile” methodologies (building software iteratively and incrementally) without impacting your backend systems, also known as your systems of record. Dramatically faster development combined with enabling “agile development” empowers companies to launch and iterate quickly, and be ready to pivot as the market requires.