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Over the past few years, financial service, insurance and retail verticals have been under tremendous strain due to micro and macro economic factors. This has forced organization to rethink their essential customer satisfaction and retention strategy. While internet had been growing steadily since the early 2000, it’s the increase in smartphone penetration that has led to a dramatic increase in mobile usage for service request.

Conversational management is essential for the business of the future. It blends personalized interaction with a customers or employee with the speed and immediacy of a digital just-in-time interaction. For example: During digital banking, a customer gets pinged by a bot informing him that he’s about to go over his credit limits—and offering a deal that can help him stay on track.

The advent of chatbots has given business smarter opportunity to offer services. These chatbots, when integrated with the existing digital channel solutions, help provide a means to reach out to their customer or employee better and faster. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that using conversational bots is garnering a lot of interest in digital solution.

As a digital-first organization, 360 Technology offers unique differentiators to support you as you to embark on your Chatbot journey.

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