Plug in to our industry-leading data analytics and machine learning for monitoring payments and nonmonetary transactions, and turn on your ability to scan,identify and respond to unwanted and suspicious behavior in real time.

Find fraud faster and reduce revenue loss.

360 Fraud Detector is a fully managed SaaS service that makes it easy to identify potentially fraudulent online activities such as online payment fraud, order fraud and the creation of fake accounts.

Globally each year, tens of billions of dollars are lost to online fraud. Companies conducting business online are especially prone to attacks from bad actors who often exploit different tactics such as creating fake accounts, fake returns and making payments with stolen credit cards. Companies typically use fraud detection applications to identify fraudsters and stop them before they cause costly business disruptions. However, these applications often rely on business rules that don’t keep up with the changing behaviors of fraudsters. More recent fraud detection applications have tried to use machine learning. But, they frequently use a one-size-fits-all approach based on general data sets and fraud behaviors that aren't specific to your business, which limits their accuracy.

Online payment fraud

Reduce online payment fraud by flagging suspicious online payment transactions before processing payments and fulfilling orders. With our flagging services, you can setup custom checkout flow to evaluate suspicious orders to reduce credit card chargebacks.

Return Order fraud

integrates with your point-of-sale (in-store) and online store. Our services aggregates, collates and understands patterns from thousands of retailers around the globe to identify, alert and prevent return fraud.


360 FRAUDALYTIX Integrations / plugins for major e-commerce platforms

Stop bad actors at the door

360 Fraud Detector helps you identify fraudsters right when they create by predicting risk in the information they provided so that you can flag suspicious activity before they can do real harm. That's because 360 Fraud Detector uses advanced machine learning techniques that can be applied even to the limited data. 360 Fraud Detector's machine learning models can identify up to 80% more potential bad actors than traditional methods.

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