Use Cases

Dam Implementation For
A Global Retailer

problem Issue

The client is a multi-million dollar retailer. They needed sophisticated designs and user experiences to develop and promote big brands quickly.

The client had no kind of social integration due to fragmented sites for sub-brands, inefficient use of budget for photography, and a lack of a centralised and optimised DAM to provide digital assets across all web properties. The client was experiencing personnel turnover and retention challenges as a result of brand dilution, as well as an inability to collect and evaluate data across different domains and sub-brands.

problem Solution

  • Restructured the AEM DAM to centralize digital assets, increase metadata, expand tagging, and optimize workflow
  • Relevant workflows and taxonomy definitions were created to enable employees to seamlessly manage content assets across different channels to create targeted customer experiences
  • Expanded Adobe Analytics to the suite level to track experiences across four brand properties and all related sub-brands.
  • Supported strategic brand consolidation in which the client could migrate sub-brands into parent brands over time
  • Designed sophisticated and engaging experiences for the clients’ websites

problem Impact

We integrated analytics for all websites and sub-brands (including breakout reporting by brand and franchise).

Ultimately, the client realized a forty per cent increase in digital asset reuse across web properties, and we built a fully responsive design for use across all browsers and devices.

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