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How did G-Spice set up its empire online
with 360 Technology?

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How did it start?

G-Spice launched in 2014 with two primary goals: delivering authenticity & top-quality products! With these two goals, the thought was not to compromise on quality at any cost. And its dedication and vision uplifted the entire business, where they have established their expanding full-fledged list of top-quality products.

As per the data earlier, the company was operating from its home base in Queretaro (QRO). Moreover, it has been shipping its products all over Mexico from its home office for almost five years. Although the business was going quite well, the uplifting technological development and ambition to go online were on G-Spice's bucket lists, which kept it tinkering on how to go beyond.

But there were still some blockers as the founder Govardhan Vasanth wasn't sure which platform he should use to go online and, most importantly, how to use it?

The problems associated with the journey

The primary blocker was how to expand the business? Mr. Govardhan knew the potential of having an online preference for any business. But unfortunately, and due to the lack of this feature, the business was not doing its best. So, to crush these problems, G-Spice finally decided to have its official online website to increase the mobility of the business.

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Going online with 360 Technology

Now, this was when G-Spice got in touch with 360 Technology, and the journey towards the web started. However, we have already discussed that G-Spice's problem was quite a hurdle in its overall growth and expansion.

360 Technology is a big player in providing technological solutions to businesses aspiring to grow online. Similarly, it helped G-Spice go online with a fully-fledged e-commerce website with Shopify.

360 Technology helped G-Spice in these ways:
  • First, it provided G-Spice with a website.
  • It gave it an option to manage its inventories efficiently.
  • All the e-commerce features were there.

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After putting the business online, G-Spice could market its products to a broader audience. Earlier, G-Spice used to take orders through networks or offline links; now, with the help of an e-commerce website, it can sell the goods on multiple platforms, to multiple countries.

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