Why Salesforce?

There is a lot of buzz in the present market for the implementation of Salesforce. This is because this is a one-off application that pioneers in breaking the huge technical barriers which pose a big threat between different departments in an organization. The benefits of Salesforce does not end here it provides a 360-degree view of the end customer to the clients.

There is assistance that Salesforce provides in achieving Smart automation, establishing, maintaining, sustaining relationships, and much more. Many live in a misconception that Salesforce is only about Sales but this application has a lot in its quiver it has many flavors like “Marketing Cloud”, “Pardot”, “Service Cloud”, “Commerce Cloud”, it has something for everyone.

Salesforce and 360 Technology

We at 360 Technology help our clients connect with their customers in the most innovative and whole new way. This is made possible with our implementations of different clouds of Salesforce. We have expertise in different service offerings of Salesforce and pioneer in Sales, Education cloud.

Features of Salesforce


Contact Management

Salesforce assures fuss-free contact management by giving access to mission-critical data and interaction history. All the engagement enhancement strategies along with the insights of customers’ requirements are given by Salesforce CRM.

Quote Management

Implementation of Quote Management in Salesforce has taken the burden off on tracking the product deals along with maintaining the tracking data like standard price, quantity, product code, quote price.

Opportunity Management

Salesforce gets its users to pounce on top of their opportunities as the activity timelines of the customers can be easily be monitored, various states of the deal can also be depicted which would help decide the next move.


Salesforce not only gives updates on meetings, events, accounts in a jiffy but also access to the real-time data and all these integrated into a mobile app which takes the data available to the next level.

Service Offerings

Sales Cloud

  • Lead Management
  • Approval and Workflow
  • AppExchange
  • Email and Productivity

Marketing Cloud

  • Intelligence personalization
  • Engagement across the entire marketing journey
  • Management of both B2C and B2B markets

Community Cloud

  • Community building
  • Easy the maintenance of customer connection
  • Growth in partner sales
  • Business integration

Commerce Cloud

  • Einstein AI for Commerc
  • Content Management
  • B2C Commerce
  • B2B Commerce

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