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Digital transformation with a cloud-first approach

360 Technology delivers a holistic approach to cloud transformation that accelerates a company’s move to digital business. From advisory to build, from migration to management & innovation, we can be your anchor partner.

Cloud strategy services
We help enterprises assess their cloud maturity. We help craft roadmap and advice on the right cloud approach (public, private, and hybrid cloud), cloud type (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), reference architectures, cloud security, and cloud management.

Cloud migration services
We help determine the best cloud approach for organizations - public, private or hybrid. With our migration factory model, we provide faster, cost-effective and risk-free transition with zero business impact.

Cloud security and governance services
We help establish standards for consistency with defined processes, metrics and reporting. We help integrate new processes with existing cloud governance policies, boards, and tools.

Cloud implementation services
We ensure seamless cloud adoption with built-in security, resiliency, availability, and scalability. Our expertise spans across AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP implementation.

Accelerating Microservices Design and Development

360 Technology delivers a proactive approach to deal with changing business requirements inside and outside the enterprise, we can be your anchor partner to embrace more modular and extensible software development and deployment methods built on a solid microservices reference architecture.

Microservice strategy services
We help organizations migrate to a microservices architecture, they typically contend with a number of challenges, most of which are not apparent in the monolithic world. As a result, IT organizations need a proven mitigation strategy and a reference architecture consisting of components that we believe are essential for implementing a microservices architecture from a design, delivery, and operational perspective.

API management
API management infrastructure forms an integral part of the reference architecture for microservices implementation. The convergence of these related yet distinct technology paradigms is a critical success factor for microservices architecture.

360 Technology is making changes on-the-go to reliable and performing production software (continuous integration services) instead of in a Test environment. However, this practice results in conflicting goals for the Developers and Operation Engineers as each one views the other as the source of the problem. The two groups historically have worked in silos. However, today, disruptive trends such as mobility, big data, cloud and social are driving demand for quality apps and services. And that too at a faster rate than traditional approaches can accommodate.

Connected ‘smart’ devices interlinked via the IoT (Internet of Things) framework are creating innovative business models. The inter linked devices produce vast amounts of data, leading to the rise of new services, which not only complement existing business models, but also open up new revenue streams. The IoT ecosystem will impact consumers and businesses alike, although certain uniquely complex challenges stand in the way of its adoption.

Smart 360 Technology solutions for better business outcomes

SELL 360

Mobile first enterprise-scale next-generation P2P marketplaces solution. Sell 360 allow buyers and sellers to trade have always favored the sale of products & service.


Organizations often operate a fleet of vehicles to facilitate their daily operations. Profits are impacted by the level of operational excellence achieved and the effectiveness of optimization methodologies used in managing the fleet.


Trive is a all-in-one microservice platform to accelerate your digital transformation journey in cloud. Build on top of netflixoss & 12 factor principles.

BI 360

Business Intelligence tool which provides integrated reporting, analysis, and monitoring software that helps leading organizations make better business decisions .

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