All in One monitoring Space! With Custom Dashboard Portal Development Service - Manage Wells efficiently!

With the help of these custom portal dashboard services, 360 Technology helps manage wells. For instance, a well is responsible for the extraction of oil.

Now, the wells need some maintenance, monitoring, some diagnostic. So, therefore, the application is all about maintaining, monitoring, and diagnosing.


Who needs this service?

The service is suitable for those individuals lending their wells to others for business, e.g., petrol pumps or fuel stations. Or want to take an overview on how the tenants have used their property. So, if you are the owner of a well, monitoring them is your responsibility, and 360 helps you be intact with your responsibility by using its Custom Dashboard Portal Service.


Customize it as per your requirements

Owners can also customize the functionalities of the dashboard as per their requirements. We store all the data in our database that is being used by the team of data analysts to analyze the outcome and status of multiple assets.


It helps keep track of the rates, availability, and diagnostics.

With our Custom Dashboard Portal, users can overview various critical components of their assets. From the Pressure, Rates, and other simple elements to more advanced analysis terms like RNDP, etc.


Download reports in CSV and PDF formats

You also can extract the reports in CSV or PDF formats from the dashboard itself. Hence, it becomes a handy tool for all the well owners looking for a customized space to track all the activities of their assets.


Selecting the tenants

Once you get on the portal, you can find various tenants. First, choose the one you want to monitor. Then, select the name and Well.


Pick a date to run the analysis

You can pick a range of dates or a particular date to check the Well's status. The custom dashboard will show the data using data tables or charts.

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