Instant Anallytics For All Your Data, No Matter How Complex

The Best run businesses rely on data to understand, investigate or predict their business events.

BI 360 empower them to do exactly that with our full spectrum of Business Intelligence & analytics solutions- ranging from stunning visualizations, interactive dashboards, pixel-perfect reports, ad-hoc OLAP analysis to advanced Geo-Spatial visualizations & many more

Acquire - Big data. Your Data. Any Data!

Easily connect to multiple disparate data sources of any volume. 360 BI accesses live, real-time data on any SQL analytics database or data warehouse. High speed analytics against all your data, at any scale of operation!

Visualize - A picture is worth a thousand Giga bytes!

Enjoy stunning Visualizations of your data as they reveal meaningful & actionable insights about your business. Visually Interact with your data, change visualizations or share it with your colleagues! Let's make work fun!

Analyze - Understand your business like never before!

360 BI helps business people make faster, better business decisions, empowering them with self-service tools to explore data and share insights in minutes. Simple drag-and-drop tools are paired with intuitive visualizations.

Predictive analytics - Tomorrow comes early!

Identify meaningful patterns and correlations among variables in your data sets; predict future business events and analyze the outcomes with seamless R integration.

One Incredible Business Intelligence Suite for All Your Enterprise Needs. Smarter businesses rely on data to understand, investigate or predict their business events. They base their decisions more on facts than on intuition. We empower them to do exactly that!


You will love using BI 360

It’s easy BI 360 is easy to set up and easy to use! With BI 360, be up and running in just a few hours and create meaningful business reports in a flash.

It’s beautiful BI 360 is designed to provide an intuitive and engaging user experience. Use BI 360 once and we are sure you will fall in love with its beautiful interface and stunning set of visualizations.

It’s powerful Experience the power of our superior analytics platform that scales up with ease. Be it charts, reports, dashboards or advanced geo spatial analysis everything at BI 360 is built to retain performance at any scale of operation.