AIOps -Algorithmic IT Operations

February 2020 By

At 360 Technology We Transform Your IT Operations:

AIOps is a new industry term to provide smart solution using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms. It is a multi-layered technology platform that automates and enhances IT operations. AIOps have evolved from the traditional Network monitoring, Application monitoring, Service Desk or Infrastructure monitoring.

This new space is described by Gartner as having two main components at its heart: big data and machine learning. These are surrounded by monitoring, service desk and automation to give continuous insight into the performance of the IT systems and to provide dashboards and reports to the business. The premise of AIOps is to give management a view into how IT is supporting the business.

At 360 Technology we help our customers to move into Modern day Runbook Automation Platform. 360 AIOPS is an intelligent machine learning platform for managing IT operations and automating the most complex Business and IT Processes. 360 AIOPS helps customer to shift left from traditional IT management to modern day IT management. Having most of IT processes automated intelligently frees up valuable resources for innovation. Business Process Engine (BPM) to seamlessly automate routine tasks. Seamless integration with other tools and platforms through APIs.