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May 2022 By

The Covid-19 pandemic is having an incredible impression on the higher education business in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago. Enrolment management becomes quite important in this situation.
It is a fact of life that the prospect of returning to the traditional method of educating students is a dubious one. Virtual education is here to stay, and enhancing the student experience is crucial. Salesforce Education Cloud is an excellent fit for these situations. Enrolment is expected to rise as educational institutions implement a transformational framework that combines cutting-edge technology with world-class customer service.

Role That Technology Plays in Personalized Experiences

Today’s students with mobile devices prefer a more personalized experience. As a result, institutions are more interested in influencing students’ experience ( for prospective students and for their families) through a personalized experience using insights available on their mobile devices.

This tailored experience is usually delivered by artificial intelligence (AI) or big data analytics. Let’s look at some of the ways Salesforce Education Cloud can help the education sector to deliver this tailored experience.

Enhancing Flexibility with Remote Learning

Education Cloud provides you with a scalable solution that allows you to make data-driven decisions. It is an effective tool to have a customized solution to assist your institution in navigating the student journey, including a safe campus reopening.

Salesforce education cloud can transform institutes’ recruitment and admissions process to attain the best enrolment figures. Colleges can deliver personalized content based on demographics, areas of interest, and regions. This allows the college to save money while still achieving better results.

Improving Recruitment & Admission

Prospective students are continuously on the search for individualized experiences because of their access to mobile devices. Building a relationship is the equivalent of enrolling students before even meeting them.

With customized email campaigns for collecting insight into the admissions and recruitment funnel, Education Cloud assists in brand creation.

Driving Student Retention

Salesforce Education Cloud provides a 360-degree perspective of all students, which helps to increase student retention and graduation rates. With a faster response time, a simplified service using the education cloud guarantees that students are engaged to the fullest extent possible.

Collages can provide a single view record of each student as they connect with the university, which can be used to measure and manage customer engagement. This allows staff to have faster online interactions with course booking, trainers, and delegates. The improves visibility while preventing missed chances.

Adopting Digital Marketing Initiatives with Strategic Approach

For many higher education institutions, marketing has become a strategic requirement. Amid fierce competition, the issues encountered by higher educational institutions grow even more difficult. Traditional techniques fail to provide the desired results, thus strategic digital marketing initiatives become necessary. Education Cloud assists your recognized higher education institution in delivering this digital interaction.

Education institutes can implement Salesforce as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, ensuring future performance and capabilities.

Providing Insights with AI and Big Data Analytics

Adequate data is a key component of personalized learning. For today’s generation of students, security breaches have become frequent. AI-powered chatbots can provide students with individualized advice for accurately answering questions.

Many universities use chatbots to answer regular questions that would otherwise take up important time from professors and employees. Universities can achieve maximum ROI with a structured campaign using AI and Salesforce data to measure performance for an optimized result.


Salesforce Education Cloud addresses the specific issues of your educational institution with a bespoke solution during this time of terrible pandemic when remote learning is the new normal for higher education.

Salesforce Education Cloud increases enrolment through a smart marketing initiative, improves admissions and recruitment by using AI-powered chatbots to answer all questions, and increases student retention by tracking and managing customer engagement.