Abhisek Dutta

Bhaskar Behl
May 26, 2022

Abhisek is an experienced Software Engineer, having excellent technical and intellectual sense. he is a hardworking and dedicated professional front-end developer/user interface developer with a keen eye for detail, and a determination to deliver the very highest quality. he take great pride in her work, and always try to better himself with every project she work on. he always explore ways of improving her efficiency, whether it’s using task automation tools or simply being concise in communication. It is of the utmost importance to his that his clients are satisfied by what he deliver. As a Front-End Developer he created a lot of different websites for our clients using React, HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build the sites. he has hands-on experience with many trending technologies like React JS, Node JS, SCSS, ES6 and many more. he helped to improve the developer experience of the company by implementing tools to improve our software development process.

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